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Ode to the Adventurous

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”



an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

- adventure is -

sights unseen

mountains unclimbed

fears unchallenged

feelings unrecognized

risks untaken

places unexplored

joy in mundane

beauty in the normal

excitement in the usual

sand on the toes

sun on the skin

wind in the hair

something you never noticed before

stories waiting to be told

from the literal mountaintops to the ordinary grocery store moments

let's let adventure spread to every corner of our lives

look for it!

run towards it!

embrace it!

let's go on an adventure

Dedicated to the friends I've been blessed to photograph. People who were willing to get their feet wet, take a hike and drive a little far.

-- Love, Marisa


This (cheesy) poem really put all my feelings together and I was hoping to share it to let my past clients inspire my future clients.

I have an engagement photography package that I call an 'Adventure Session', and a lot of people ask me what it is:

An Adventure Session is a longer shoot where we go to somewhere that we can explore. It really makes the photos more spontaneous, dynamic and thrilling!

The main intention is to view the shoot as an adventure, and not just a photoshoot. I typically like to take some pictures at a coffee shop or cute food place before, then go out and explore. It's almost like a date (just with photographer as a third wheel)

I highly recommend it, some places I've been for adventure sessions are San Francisco MOMA, Land's End, Tahoe, Marin Headlands, Asilomar in Monterey, Eaton Canyon in Pasadena, but there are so many places out there that I'd love to visit.


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