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About Me

I'm a designer, photographer and videographer, and I LOVE love.  

I love everything about wedding days, from the large swells of emotions, to the tiniest details.  

But I think what I love most is telling a story.


Whether you are graduating, engaged, getting married, having a baby, raising a family,

let's document and create images that will last a lifetime. 

I love bright, contrasted, edgy images that make you catch the feels. 

There's something special about every perfection and imperfection coming together to make a photograph that tells a story.  

Mission Statement

 'Poema' is the Greek word for 'craftsmanship' or 'handiwork'.   Through my work, I aim to represent the uniqueness of every individual.  


I want every person who steps in front of my lens to know that they are a work of art, carefully, intentionally made by their Creator,

and loved beyond what they can imagine.

 I hope to inspire confidence, and empower my friends

to live boldy and beautifully.


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