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  • Can my parents or a couple friends jump in some of my photos? Or does that cost extra?
    Yes, Friends, family, and pets too, are welcome to jump in for a few photos. So long as they are not needing their own set of individual portraits, it's free!
  • How long does it take to get the final photos?
    Up to one week (7 days), but I try to send them sooner
  • What should I wear?
    I recommend that you wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. I also recommend neutral or natural colors. Bright colors like neon and yellow and red are not recommended, unless it's really important to you :) I also recommend staying away from really busy patterns, solids (or florals for women) are acceptable.
  • How are the photos delivered?
    You will recieve an online gallery that will have 50-100 photos in it, depending on how many people and locations were a part of your sessions. Anyone who has the link to the gallery is able to download all the photos in high resolution for up to 10 years.
  • Will it be too dark if I book an appointment at 7PM or 7:15PM?
    Nope! that should be right around sunset, which is known as 'golden hour' the light will be soft, gold and even, and it may even be cooler out by then.
  • When should I schedule my session?
    I would highly recommend doing it as early as possible! The closer to graduation, the more people there are and the harder it is to get shots at desirable locations like eggheads and brick signs. Even if its before they pass out caps and gowns, I have a stole and 2 caps available for use. I do not however have a gown, but whatever outfit you end up wearing should be better than a gown anyways :)
  • What are some recommended locations?
    I'd pick 3-4 of these for a one hour session! - UC Davis brick sign - quad - road in front of wellman - inside of library - road in front of the silo - egghead in front of mrak - arboretum redwoods - MU bus terminal - top of a parking garage - student farm ( further away ) - vineyards ( further away )
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    Cash, check and venmo are all accepted!
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